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Primary Care

Veramedica provides primary care medical services to both Gesy registered patients and private patients. Your personal doctor / general practitioner should always be the first point of call for your health care needs. This is what is meant by the term primary care. Our doctors are fully trained in assessing, diagnosing, investigating and managing our patients’ medical problems with a holistic approach.

Gesy registration is available for patients aged 15 years and over, however younger patients can be seen on a private basis. Please contact our reception team for more information.

Gesy Registration

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Holistic Approach

Both Dr Mala and Dr Asprou provide a holistic approach to health care. Their patients are treated as a whole and not just a medical problem. They focus on listening and understanding their patients concerns about their health while providing quality, modern community based medical services.

Immunisations are provided to eligible patients, these include the influenza vaccination, pneumococcal vaccination,  the  shingles vaccination and tetanus vaccination. Some of these are available on Gesy.


Repeat Prescriptions & Referrals

The doctors provide monitoring and issuance of repeat prescribing. They are also responsible for managing referrals to their Gesy registered patients. It is appropriate and important that patients consult with their personal doctor first so their medical condition can be assessed before deciding what management or referrals may be needed. As experienced general practitioners, they are skilled at managing many medical problems before any specialist services are needed.

The doctors offer home visits to housebound patients when this is necessary. The doctor will usually call the patient and decide if a home visit is needed before going to see them.

Home Visits

Flexible Appointments

Most consultations are booked before hand on an appointment basis. However, the doctors aim to see any urgent problems the same day. Patients can call reception to book an appointment or to arrange a same day consultation if they feel their issue is urgent.

Medical students from the University of Nicosia medical school sometimes attend our clinics for their general practice placements.

Student Placements

For more information about any of our medical services, or to book an appointment, please contact the surgery

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